Hypérion-Johnny Keats

Johnny Keats, personnage du cycle SF Hypérion, de Dan Simmons. Plus qu'un personnage dans ma série Hypérion, et non des moindres : le Gritche !

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Un visiteur (R. Endymion) a dit :

Hello, Marco. I just searched the web for pictures related to the Hyperion Cantos and thus I stumbled over your site. And I pretty much like your character drawings. I'm glad to have found another fan of the series, so I don't appear to be the only one on the internet.^^

Would you like to produce more pictures around Hyperion? For instance an impression of the TechnoCore, a picture of Aenea, Pater Captain DeSoya, or your interpretation of the Shrike, the Bishop of Lusus or Counselor Albedo.

Greetings E.

11 oct. 2012

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